Services Provided

Tell those Bad Hair Days to Curl Up & Dye

Haircut Services:

Child Haircuts (12 years & younger):  $25.00 & UP

men's HAircuts:  $15.00 & UP

Men's HAircut/Style:  $25.00 & Up

Women's HAircuts:  $25.00 & Up

Women's haircut/Style:  $45.00 & UP

DevaCurl Services:

No-poo transformation–$35.00 & $45.00

Deva Cut–$80.00 & up

Partial Pintura Highlight–$120.00 & up

Full Pintura Highlight–$150.00 & up

*See DevaCurl Services Tab for More Information*

Coloring Services:

Color:  $80.00 & Up

Color Correction:  Price Varies on consultation

Highlighting Services:

Accent Highlight:  $55.00 & Up

Partial highlight:  $85.00 & UP

full highlight:  $110.00 & UP

partial balyage/ombre:  $120.00/$150.00 & UP

full balyage/ombre:  $150.00/$180.00 & UP

Chemical Services:

perm:  $70.00 &  UP

keratin Smoothing treatment:  price varies

relaxers:  price varies

Tedious Styling Services:

Cinderella Hair extensions/other hair extensions:  PRice Varies

dreads:  Price Varies

Braids:  Price Varies

*All Stylists are Independently Contracted and Self-Employed.  Due to this fact, prices vary based on the Stylist.  Please see out Team member page and check out their website and services to find your best match! Cheers!